Break yourself away from Rift

..for just a few moments and answer me this: How easy is it to level in Rift?

I was looking at some blogs today and I read that some people are already level 40/50???
Are these people the ones who took the whole of last week off and playing 10+ hours a day?


I got my friends hooked on Magic: The Gathering and I wrote this for a friend who needs to rebuild her deck b/c the one made for her was a bit gimped. Her problem was, that she didn't really know much about the game, but when tested against others with pre-made decks, she quickly saw the weakness in hers.

Anyways; if you're interested in getting into Magic and not really sure how to get a deck started, take a look below, I hope it helps :)

Its a long read, but it'll help make your deck better(& totally different). Basically do this: figure out what you want to do (be defensive, be aggressive, counter spells, use mostly creatures, use mostly spells (or be a nice mix/balanced), what abilities[like regenerate or first strike] you want)
So lets create you a deck of your choosing!

There are a few different ways to make a deck:

1. Personal attachment to color values
- I personally used to like blue and black; blue dealing with intelligence, flying creatures and water creatures, while black deal with undead, vampires,

Other colors:
Red - passion, fire, impulsiveness, goblins, dragons, barbarians
Green - earthy-ness, forest creatures, huge monsters, elves
White - goodness, law, soldiers, angels, protection
2. Abilities of the card colors
- i like to counter spells and prevent people from attacking(in two games with leslie i prevented 7 of her monsters from doing anything) which is a staple of blue and white

White - tends to have first strike, vigilance and protection from magic (prevents all types of spells of the specific color)
- creatures will be generally weaker (than others) but together are powerful, quite a few flyers
Blue - generally have cards that allow you to draw more cards, and cards to counter spells or prevent combat, have the ability shroud (prevents spells from being cast on it)
- are generally weak but have special abilites(like being unblockable), and have many fliers
Black - generally have spells to destroy creatures outright (instead of doing say 2/3/4 damage), lifelink (any damage it does, player or creature, you get health), and fear (unblockable except by black creatures)
- are in the middle in regards to power/toughness, mostly ground creatures
Red - haste (no summoning sickness), alot of direct damage spells (that do 2/3/4 damage) which affect creatures and players, spells to destroy artifacts, enchantments, land and equipment
- good power, but lower toughness creatures, usually more powerful in general, a good mix of ground and flying (dragons)creatures
Green - regenerate (duh), trample, quite a few destroy enchantment, artifact cards and cards that allow you to draw more lands, reach (to attack flyers)
- (as you've seen) the biggest and strongest ground-based monsters, very few flyers but use spiders to combat flyers
3. Countering your opponents
- you've seen what people like to use, so now you can go through the cards you have and counter people's strategies/deck:

Poy - black and red deck; alot of creatures with infect (which i need to research), leveling creatures (which get stronger as you pay more mana), a few nasty artifacts

Jaggy - i didn't pay attention much ... sorry lol

Hunter - mostly green deck (i think i saw a few black), his strategy is obviously to use those big creatures and have trample and he wins

Red - white/blue deck, your biggest pro is the banding which allows you to control fights and cards that gain health

Me - white/blue decks, i mostly concentrate on artifacts and artifact creatures which get stronger as long as there are 3 or more of them on the field

Anibas - black/red deck, all about doing damage directly to the player really fast/every turn

As you can see, black is the most used color, so finding something to counter the cards is important.

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