Shades of Not-Loading-Because-DRM-Sucks-the-Big-One

This is what i've been doing these days:

Taking photos.

DRM: You suck. To play Might and Magic: Heroes 6 (aka: Heroes of Might and Magic 6), not only do you need to playing through Steam, you now have to play with a Steam-like application called U-Play as well. Sure they did interesting (in-game and outside game rewards) things with it, its still a clunky user-unfriendly system. I seriously would have bought the newest package on Steam that included 3 of Ubisoft's expansions, but thanks to all the technical difficulties (see: it won't load up at all now) today, I won't ever spend a money with them again. Ok that sounded fan-boi-rantey: lets just say, i'm going think long and hard on whether I spend extra disposable income on a game that utilizes DRM. Sorry; no 50$ for you. 

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