They have a preview today of MTG's newest set of intro packs.. and at first it was a "ho-hum, Wizards is just pumping out another set of cards.. nothing new.. nothing exciting.. heck.. i'm getting pretty bored of this!" Then they spring this:

A kraken (favorite monster). Interest renewed!

Went to the Fan Expo on Saturday. Some people would describe it the same way I describe places I don't like going to, "same old stuff every year." But if you like it, then its always fun and exciting and worth going to. I didn't have anyone to go with this year, but still had a blast, (as an introvert) actually liked the crowds and go some really nice prints.

I didn't take many photos at all this time.. normally ~50% of the people are in cosplay, but this year, i'd say maybe less than 15%. This could be possible b/c it was a Sunday (probably most cosplayers go Friday/Sat) and it was near the end of the day.

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