Most people will never look up in Shimmersand, and they will miss a view/design such as that.

I wish the rifts in RIFT was a bit more robust; it is a very one-dimensional mechanic of the game. Monsters spawn, you kill it, and another wave comes. Keep killing them until the end boss comes and then once you kill the boss, the rift is sealed.

Invasions require a bit more thought; balancing your raid between offensive (sealing rifts) and defensive (protecting wardstones) duties. But in the end, its always the same: 50 people beating up on one boss with a huge amount of life. No thinking, no strategy, just spam. Spam that attack or heal like crazy. If you die thats just one less person providing dps, so the boss just dies a bit slower (glass half empty).

Warhammer Online got the public quests right in that they were all different and seemed like there was some story behind it. It wasn't well implemented as PvP was king, but for those that liked doing PvE, it did provide pretty nice incentives. In the first Live Event for Rift, there were two special rifts that seemed almost like a PQ a la WAR, where you had to kill werewolves or golems.. but it quickly reverted to the normal rifts of old :P

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