Need or Greed, that is the question..

To add to Syp's entry (people lining up to get access to a non-bugged gold sack); I find the Rift is either a) a game with a different breed of players, b) generous/non-greedy players, c) full of noobs.

My guildie was trying to get our opinion the other night on what we do when those small packages (that can contain planarite, rift consumables, or rift essences etc) drop from rifting: whether we Need or Greed them. In many mmo's that i've played, people are very greedy and always Need them, whether they actually need them or not. In Rift, i've found the majority (80%+) of players just Greed the
m. Maybe its the fact that if you do alot of rifting that they drop like candy, that the rewards within aren't that great anyways, or that you get them anyways and these ones are just extras, but people really don't seem too interested in rolling for them.

I guess if the rewards within were more precious and rare, people would be selecting Need more often. My general rule of thumb has always been to select Greed unless there is one person that is always selecting Need, then ill select Need as well.

I kinda wish Trion would implement a loot system similar to the one they implemented in WAR where you can set your loot threshold. That would be cool; nothing is worse that accumulating loot to be rolled for and when selecting an option, an additional popup warns you that it will bind to you as well.

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