Steam- Dungeon Siege 3 Demo Available

Per the title, Dungeon Siege 3 demo is available on Steam.

Quick thoughts on the game:

- i don't remember having to move with right click and attacking with left; its clumsy (or i haven't played a dungeon crawler in ages)

- graphics is better than any dungeon crawling game so far

- many cut-scenes and conversations with a speaking main character!

- bad: very choppy/laggy; I have a pretty good system, I don't think it should be this choppy

- this feels like a pc game turned console port (aka dumbed down); ugh

- easy to tell which new gear is better than others, BUT what do all the stats mean? "Doom"? "Wither?"

- feels like it is on rails; VERY similar feel like the latest Final Fantasy release..

Biggest Concern: even with lowered video settings, the game was incredibly laggy/choppy; i'm hoping the full game is optimized

Pre-order it: Nah

Buy it: maybe (not full price)

1 comment:

  1. I just played the PS3 demo of Dungeon Siege 3 and also found the frame rates unacceptably choppy and laggy. I have many more graphically intense games that run great on the PS3 (like Killzone 3). Hopefully this is an issue with the demo and not the retail game itself. The demos frame rates are annoying enough to skip until resolved, unless you can tolerate it.

    All in all, cheers for dungeon crawler games! Hack n slash games almost plentiful again.