Sweet Deal: MTG Duel of the Planeswalkers 2012

Just because this game is a steal and incase Steam wakes up and changes their mind... two entries today:

If you had the pc version of Magic the Gathering: Duel of the Planeswalkers 2010, then you may have noticed that the 2headed Giant format didn't work. If you enjoy multiplayer with your friends/live people, then the MTG 2012 version is totally worth your money.

For 10$ you get:

The traditional campaign
- unlock decks and cards for the decks by defeating other planeswalkers
- complete puzzles for achievements

- a 3 vs 1 MTG format, where the person on their own has incredibly strong cards that makes 3vs1 feel more like 3vs5 (in their favor)
- case in point: getting a card that gives the person on their own a 4/6 Golem token in the first turn, or a 5/5 Flying Dragon on the first turn
- same kind of format as the campaign, defeat these Archenemies one at a time, picking your 2 other party members from any deck to see which combinations work best
- unlock a Revenge mode (haven't got there yet) and additional cards for your existing decks

2Headed Giant Online
- 2vs2 mode

Free-for-All mode
- 4 player format, battle royale
- unlock cards as well here
1 on 1 mode
- pretty self explanatory
Deck manager
- honestly, not the best, but able to switch out cards of your 60+ card deck

The only drawback that i've seen so far is that you pick from a preset deck with a certain set of cards. You can't just create your own deck from a pool of cards. Usually these cards are all mutally exclusive.
The upside to this is that the decks are pretty well made and work well. There is a recognizable theme to each deck and works the way you'd play MTG.

For example:
Gideon Jura's White deck:
- deals with alot of weak soldier creatures and angels that use equipment to boost themselves

Nessa Revane Green/Black deck:
- an elf deck that takes all the best elf cards to overwhelm your opponents
- it looks almost like my Green/Black elf deck

Chandra Nalar Red deck:
- an agro deck based on duels, constantly being on the attack and using spells that directly attack the creature or player

I can't verify right now, but you might be able to unlock a deck for Nicol Bolas and Karn (from Scars of Mirrodin block). There is an interesting Green/Blue Planeswalker deck who's theme is to get TONS of lands on the field to summon incredibly strong creatures including Eldrazi creatures!

In the end: If you're a MTG fan, 10$ is a fantastic deal; this version is much more robust and should be charging easily 30$ for it. If you're interested in learning MTG, this is a great start. And even if you end up not liking it, its only 10$, so you won't feel so bad.

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  1. I like MTG, but playing one on one all the time would bore me. :(