More immersion

I read this from Spinks' entry:

"Basically tanks will be getting an automatic 200% treat increase next patch. It's mostly due to dps who don't like having to hold back in instances when they get a lower geared tank."

That quote kinda bothers me. Maybe because its generalized so the mass reader can understand what the patch is about, but the reason just doesn't make sense; logically.

What makes a tank/plate warrior draw more attention than an individual that does more damage and more lightly armored?

Is the warrior's armor making more clanking sounds when they move?
Is the warrior now shouting more and waving their arms about to attract more attention?
Are monsters easily distracted by bright shiney things?

I've always thought knives to the back is more annoying than someone all turtley using a big shield and doing minimal damage.

If you draw more agro, because you do more damage naturally, you should have more ways to defend yourself.
You should be able to:

Feign death - ok, the annoying creature is dead, onto the next more annoying stabby guy

Disappear with smoke, ninja style - well he disappeared. Next!

Increase one's dodging/parry ability - nothing is hitting him, and the guy next to him is hitting me and i'm still able to hit him... hmm

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  1. Interesting observation. It also allows for lolcasuals. Tanking at one point used to be a skillful undertaking requiring a lot of theory crafting and careful aggro management, especially in group pulls. Now it is just glorified spanking.