Heroes 6 Beta Improvements

I pre-ordered Heroes of Might and Magic 6 on steam and got access to their beta. I don't recall seeing any NDA, so i'll assume its ok to talk about it and bring the hype.

Town Portal
A great improvement to the franchise: there are two kinds of town portals that can be built in towns: basic and greater. A hero is able to teleport from one town to another as long as: both towns have a basic town portal, the hero is in town AND has 15 movement points (about half of movement points).

No more, teleporting to whatever town you like when you're deep in the wilderness when the opponent sneaks into your area.

Only with a greater town portal can a hero teleport to the NEAREST town with a greater town portal. One might not think this a big deal, but in Homm6, the rare resource Chaos Crystals, are pretty hard to come by. Its as expensive as building tier 2 (4th, 5th, 6th ranked) buildings (or like the 4th/5th levels of mage guilds).

Army purchasing
I always thought it was a pain to have to get my mule heroes to move my armies from my strongest home castle to my adventuring hero. In Homm6, as long as you have the basic creature dwelling on the outpost, you can purchase that un-upgraded version of the monster from a pool of all your creatures from all your castles.

Being designed this way, it is easier to defend specific towns from attack, at the cost that if not enough time is given to upgrade it, you may be playing with weak versioned creatures.

Retreating no longer is 'that' painful in Homm6. Instead of losing your whole army, you only lose 25% of them. The drawback comes when having to purchase your hero again; costing significantly more, coming in with a debuff, having a huge stable of heroes is a thing of the past. Some factions do come with special buildings that decrease the cost of purchasing heroes and even give them a small buff for a week

Leveling Heroes
I always thought it sucked when your main hero was incredibly strong, but then had newbie heroes guarding your home. Even with a strong army, they would seccumb to a more experienced hero with better skills and magic.

In Homm6, there is a feature to have 'more powerful' heroes. As time progresses, the purchasing level of your heroes in the tavern increases. So instead of paying X amount for a level one hero, you now have a level 5, or level 8. Pretty impressive.


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