Skyrim: Exponential Power

Money at the beginning of Skyrim is a bit hard to come by, even if you used my Halted-Stream transmute trick. I think the most important thing is to get a base of operations that is in town and not part of an actual guild. Sure the Assassin's Guild or the Mage Guild has alot of amenities, a house in town will generally have a blacksmith or vendors in convenient proximity.

Purchase-able houses are only found in the major towns, so Whiterun, Riften, Windhelm, Solitude and Morkath. Get that house. Once you get that house, furnish it a bit so that you get a few more containers. Open them, empty them, and use one for:
- craftable mats including ore, ingots, hides, leathers, grand/greater soul gems
- another one for ingredients
- useable weapons
- stuff you want to enchant
- stuff you need to sell (but don't have the time)

Making money in Skyrim, is all about inventory management. Even with a follower, its a bit hard to just loot everything. And then there are 3 ways to loot:
1. Loot everything
- fast in the sense that you'll fill up faster, but slower in that you'll be taking much more time completing quests
2. Loot things with the most face value
- steel chest pieces.. have a weight of 30 but sells for only 275... so about 9 gold per weight
3. Loot things with the best weight to value ratio
- a scroll of fireball has a weight of 0.5 but sells for over 200, so like a 400 gold per weight 

There are a few ways to increase your effectiveness when making money:
- put point into stamina which will increase carry weight by 5
- use the Steed Stone which increases your carry weight by 100
- get 50 skill in Pickpocketing, which has a perk that increases carry weight by 50
- get 50 skill in Speech to get the perk which allows you to sell any item to any merchant
- enchant your gear/get gear that increases carry weight

Talking about Enchanting, I reached 100 in Enchanting on Sunday and with the perk that allows 2 enchantments at one time, my power level jumped! I was able to not only provide enough resistances to take the risky Apprentice Stone (100% increased magicka regen, 100% more damage FROM spells), I decreased the costs of Destruction spells to the point that I could cast 5 times as many spells.

Having troubles with Giants? Double enchant your follower and prep your maniacal laughter when you watch them cut a Giant down in 5 seconds.

How do you increase your Enchanting?
First: Ensure you have selected the Mage Stone. For faster results, sleep in a bed for a Rested bonus.
Whenever you're at a general trader npc, buy all their petty and lesser soul gems.
Once you have about 30 soul gems, go to either the rivers of Whiterun area or Winterhold sea area. The Whiterun rivers have mudcrabs which are easy targets, while the sea area of Winterhold(or even Dawnstar) has Horkers (think: Walrus).
Keep capturing souls until you get the message that you're out and then go an enchant any of your miscellaneous trash gear.

If I ever DO get the PC version, i'll be increasing my Enchanting and Speech asap. 

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