SW: TOR Catch up 1

My SW:TOR Day 1 Experience

My brother picked the game up for me while I was at work (thank you thank you).

Came home.. took an hour to install the game; the problem stemmed while talking to my girlfriend on msn, RIGHT when I pressed enter to send a message to her, the pop-up screen came up telling me to enter disc 2. By pressing enter, it made the pc think I just put the disc in and it forever reason couldn't proceed further. Had to turn off the pc fully. 

No problems making my TOR account.

Tried to log into the Launcher... annnd it kept giving me an error that I wasn't in a registered country... I know some Americans don't like us, but come'on we have Canadian bacon! 2 beavers are better than one!

When I finally got that working (somehow), it went to the opening trailer, which i've seen a few times, so I pressed the Escape button.. wrong move. The game crashed.
Ok. Lets reload, but no skipping the opening cutscene.
Crashed before it even got there.
My skin was turning the same color as the pureblood Sith.

Ok. Canyourunit.com
Tested it... and its all the way to the right. Thats a good thing.

Run as administrator?

Repair button/function?

Turn off anti-virus temporarily?
Crash. Crash.

Turn off need for pc to notify when doing updates?

Install newest version of Quicktime?
Requires a restart...ok.
About.. to .. crash..
EULA and Terms of Service in the launcher.. well thats new.

And thats how you fix a crashing Launcher!

Oh wait... there is my server...

Annnnnd i'm in queue... with 990 people infront of me. WoW

Over an hour later i'm still in queue, but I eventually get in, get ALL my names for my characters with no funny spelling (actually, I won't make a character with an altered name). Happiness meter is filling up.

Playing. Taking Screenshots, because everyone likes screenshots.
Enjoying zero lag, no crashes.

I stop when I tell myself to stop (playing)... instead of when I tell myself to stop when I'm playing Skyrim.

Dreams of SW:TOR.

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