Mass Effect 3 - 3 Reasons to Buy it

Is it a bit too late for my take on ME3?

But maybe there are alot of people on the fence on whether they should start a game that is the third of a series. Kinda like watching the last movie of the Lord of the Rings.. wouldn't it make more sense to watch the previous two first to understand whats happening?

First off:
If you like Gears of War TYPE of combat which is real time, fast paced, CLOSE over-the-shoulder view, slightly futuristic, with great cutscenes, then this game may be for you.

Whats interesting is in this latest iteration, they have 3 different modes; not the usual, easy, normal and hard modes, but Action, Roleplay and Cinematic, to cater to the type of player.

What GoW players may not be used to is the assigning skill points.. something us mmorpg players are accustomed to.

New melee moves which cater to people (me) that like to get up close and personal with enemies with classes such as the Vanguard. Countless times i'd biotic charge into a group of enemies, not defeat them all and rely on my shotgun to defeat them all. Its ok if your squad members fall, as you can revive them, but when you fall, the mission fails.

Increased Replayability via a multiplayer mode. Once again taking a page out of GoW or even Halo ODST, you and 3 other players can join up and defeat 11 waves of enemies.

There is a slew of customization options granted from earning credits (completing various objectives during those waves) that allow you to buy 3 different levels of chests which hold 'health potions' to 'one time use upgrades' , new weapons, cosmetic upgrades, etc.

It is also different each time you play with different maps, different enemy groupings (human commando, monstrosities, reapers) and different objectives that one will encounter. Objectives such as search and destroy, capture the flag-ish (maybe more like king of the hill vs enemies), and the always fun, last round in which you have to hold off endless enemies while you wait for your shuttle to pick you up.

There are flaws (obviously) with the game *coughOriginInstallationcough*, but we can leave it for another day. Those are the 3 biggest improvements and reasons I can give to giving it a try now instead of 1 year later (tho your friends may still be playing it).

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