Unexpected Choices

!!!Spoiler Warning!!!

Note: Everything below may have happened(and things may have not happened) b/c I wasn't able to connect to the EA servers

First off, I had this impression of something horrible happening at the end of Mass Effect 3 that would make me instantly rage quit.. it didn't happen. I was treated to a long cutscene.. and was left with a bit of confusion.. and mild disappointment.

Confusion b/c there didn't seem to be any resolution to my choices in the game; normally they have a prologue of your choices and how that affected the galaxy, instead its just your crew having crash landed on a planet.. all safe.. despite the fact that 2 of them with you on the final assault that left everyone dead and Shepard crippled.

So the biggest spoiler is right here, and Shepard 'dies.' But! Is he/she really dead? Do you remember the movie X-Men: The Last Stand? Magneto is injected with the serum that makes him lose his mutant powers, and at the end he's playing chess against himself in the park. You see in the brief moment at the end how he's still able to use his powers when he moves the chess piece. Cut to black. Just like that movie, the same is done in ME3 in that you see Shepard's crippled body and in that brief moment you see/hear him gasp.

Then there is a conversation of man and child of (what I guess) was Shepard's story. Whether the older person is actually Shepard or not, we don't know. The retelling of the story ends, and the child wants to hear another story. The man goes on to say how there is another story.. and it then goes to Shepard, back on the Normandy in the CIC.


When I heard it would be a dark ending I admired Bioware for having the courage to take it that way, but being able to continue to play after the ending really broke immersion. If you're dead, you're dead. Even with the last gasp.. the galaxy is saved. Done. Closed story.

I'll be playing Mass Effect from the beginning all the way to number 3 again.. but after going back to Skyrim (200 game hours later..)


What happened in your version of ME3?
- Shot Ashley b/c she didn't believe me
- Let the Geth beat the Quarians and couldn't save Tali
- Mordin released the cure for the genophage but died as well
- Shot the Illusive Man
- Slept with Liara

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