Mass Effect 3: DLC Coming Soon

After 7 hours of installing.. playing Skyrim on my pc is totally worth it.

So Mass Effect 3 is doing a rather good job at keeping players playing their game by providing weekly incentives to play multiplayer, whether it be by providing extra experience, chances to buy special gear packs. Very mmo-ish. Love it. They need to do this more with non-mmo games.
So while alot of people hated the ending (it wasn't 'that bad' people) and the day one DLC, they are making it up with a free dlc next week.

Ooo interesting races to play.. and Krogan Vanguard? Yes please!

Think Day 1 DLC is evil though?
A senior producer at Gearbox (Borderlands), doesn't think so.
I guessss thats one way to put it.

I may not like day 1 dlc, but with screenshots like this... it'll ensure I get Borderlands 2 on day 1 ;)

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