Ooooh Shiny Penny

This site is designed to have an objective (but super happy fun) outlook on Warhammer Online. I've seen many people writing great reviews, which I visit on a daily basis at work between dreaded merchant support calls and the sigh afterwards.

I find we demand ALOT. We compare ALOT. We QQ (cry) alot. We rage-log ALOT.
We will nitpick a game till its a shadow of itself.

Giving those that read a distorted view.
My only option, just like at work, try to see it in a different way, "what were they trying to accomplish?".

At one employee meeting, there was an anonymous comment that everyone was up in arms about (that they disagreed with). I couldn't stand it.

"Hey guys, first off, I'm not the person that wrote that."
/everyone laughs
"But why not try looking at it as ____________ ?"
/some agree and the tense situation is averted

I hope and will try my best not to sound like a Warhammer fanboy; I personally love MMO's in general, from as old as UO to Horizons or Shadowbane to the famously popular WoW, i've played quite a few. They all had good things about it; except maybe Shadowbane.. lol I kidd I kidd (flying bird men?? thats cool).

I just want a more light view on things; yes yes, there are some issues with the game, as any game. But it's not an epic fail. And if you leave, I will cry, b/c you're probably the person i'm able to defeat in pvp ;)



  1. Welcome to the world of blogging! Added you to my blogroll ;)

  2. It is good to see someone setting out with a positive attitude these days. I try to keep my blog fairly optimistic as well- I have added you to the almighty-roll.