Leslie Rocks

Yes, yes she does. And now the world knows it!
She's the talented artist that created my top banner! Very, very cool!

Tome Unlock: Title: The Scorpion Squisher

Tier 1: Chrace (but essentially in Blighted Isle)
Coords: 4k, 63k
Kill the Champion scorpion, get the unlock =)

This is what happens when you hang out with soldiers of chaos for too long; your arm mutates!
Mauraders have nothing on me!

1 comment:

  1. I love what you're doing with the blog. It's a fresh renewal of one of the best elements of the game. You're gonna have to do some serious unlocks to catch up though, recently I hit the 2k mark :p

    Also decided to give you a WCPI referral. This here is the kind of blog that I love to see!