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Art first, or elaboration on the title?

Art ;)

Possibly when you view it closer, you'll see its different from most other prints I bought from Fan Expo. Even now if you peer closely, the characters all seem to pop out at you.. I think its b/c of the black outlines and the shadows given over it.. I've been playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance recently and been trying to figure out who I want to play as in the new version: Fusion.

Probably my favorite.. I wish it was more professionally done than a sketch, but its from the animated show Invader Zim. It's Gir! love it!

So (duh) I borrowed Mechassault 2 from my friend Hunter and failed to realize something. Guess what? Take a look at the image there... Can you figure it out?
... (thiiiinking?? i know :P)
Give up?
Its an Xbox original game.
I didn't realize that until maybe an hour and a half into the game that I wasn't gaining any achievement points.

"Huh, I must really suck at this game if I haven't even got story mode points.. and why won't it show me the kind of achievements i can get??"

Then, what to me was a fantastic game, turned out to be insignificant... why play if i'm not getting achievement points??
Damn you self! Why must you be so concerned about achievement points and unlocks?????
Mechassault 2 is a fantastic game, good graphics, great gameplay (what you expect using a controller AND playing in a mech), good story line, mixes up gameplay to keep you interested.

But the best thing? The music. zomg. lol
I've never played a game where the music was so perfect for the game, that it kept you at the edge of your seat and didn't mind that it kept playing in the background. I wish there were more boss battles just to have the type of music it played ;)

(not to complain too much) But what ever happened to the 'fantastic' music in WAR? Maybe i should have deleted the beta client, then reinstalled the full game on my collector's edition and the music would have been there... but I never really heard any wild music that kept my interest. I liked in UO how, when you went to battle mode, the music turned to battle music ;)

Color dyes in UO.. how I love you...

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