ODST review

Everyone has a review, but more information the better for those that still aren't sure.

It feeds my achievement addiction: most achiements come from playing the campaign whether it be solo, together, normal or hard
- don't really like games that require achiements through coop play; what happens if none of my friends play it, must i pug? (nonononononono)- or requiring that it be played at hard difficulty or the achievements are just insanely hard to get; it should be a challenge, but not near impossible
The visor is really cool
- basically allows you to see in the dark and outlines features of any objects; if they had this in other games, i would be screaming like a little girl whenever something went 'boo!'
- you can't use it all the time: in really bright areas, it will blind you; and sometimes you want to see how dark it is to see whether you can stealth past a baddie
Silenced weapons
- who doesn't like to be sneaky?
Smart baddies
- or maybe just silly me; there were grunts lighting themselves on fire or sticking themselves with sticky grenades and going kamikaze on me.. maybe taking advantage of the fact I LOVE to melee anything and everything
- hide behind a wall and wait for them to come to you one at a time? ah, No mr odst, you come to us and ill have my sniper sights waiting for you.. pew pew
Firefight mode
- interesting new take on the gears of war horde mode; right off the start, the game gave the enemies the ability to dodge any grenades.. and then the next round they all had unlimited grenades
- the limited amoutn of lives means you can't be all crazy and use up the pool of lives; i think that is why there isn't matchmaking; b/c there is bound to be unhappy people playing with unskilled or griefers that die and use up the lionshare of the lives pool
Multiplayer character customization
- from using actual characters, to the color of your outfit, whether you wear a helmet or not, (more important to me tho:) an insignia and customizable call sign
random enemy encounters-enemies are patrolling all the time, whether they respawn if you just camp an area... i haven't & won't try.. but it keeps it more intense

Didn't like
Lack of ammo in campaign
- unless you're a aiming god and one shot everything, you'll run out of your army issued ammo quickly and resort to using alien tech; hence why i like Mass Effect, unlimited ammo but heat management
Shield/health combo
- when you get damaged, your screen goes red and THEN you start losing health.. ; its confusing to me, you should lose your shields first, THEN the screen goes red.. meh
- maybe i'm not used to halo, but i couldn't tell what was my health bar for the longest time; i actually thought my ammo bar was actually my health "oh no! i'm losing health as i..shoot this gun??"
Its halo
- lol, never been a big fan ;)

Otherwise, I think the game is pretty good; it probably isn't a game for the long haul for me personally; its good don't get me wrong (thats high praise for a person that normally hates the halo brand), but it'll just keep me busy, honing my console fps skills (which i lack; give me a keyboard and mouse!) for future games like Borderlands or Modern Warfare 2.

Riot shields; all I'll use in MW2 ;)

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