MUA2 Review

I love it.

lol; they seemed to take the good things about the game - the ease of picking up the game, the choice of your (hopefully) favorite hero, being able to lvl your character and assign their abilities, making them unique depending on what you specialize in, being able to equip items on your individual heroes to enchance their abilities) - and make it better.. they removed the bad things too.

First the graphics is amazing
Both the interface they use is more clear, a simple horizontal line for the game menu to pick what you need to do (save, load, check map, switch characters, etc)
- the interface is a lovely white and brownish-red; looks very professional.. than the slightly computer/futuristic theme of the old MUA
The actual game the graphics look great; you can make out each hero clearly; the attacks of each hero/mob is clear and defined, you know exactly what attack they're performing
- ie you see the swipes of wolverine's claws when he does his blade dance, and when he defends, his claws glow yellow (which is not realistic, but interesting nevertheless)

Improved character creation screen
- streamlined abilities - only 4 - one for each button, Y (on 360) doesn't do ultimate attack anymore, so technically you get one additional ability to use- the abilities get better per 4/5 point you put into it, ie. Luke Cage has a pummelling attack, but with the 4/5th point, it knocks the enemy down.. very cool
- anywhere between 4-6 passive abilities depending on the character; for example: wolverine, will have the passive ability to regenerate, cause wounds at a higher rate, do more damage from the wounds etc
- no longer if your finger slips does the screen change to a different window such as abilities, costumes, items and stats becauuuuse
- BEST thing about this is money is shared between heroes in a good way; no longer do i have to let my gf run around and pick up money, there is a common pool; so everyone has 1$ amt and you all get the exact same amt to spend individually
- AND the points you spend on your abilites can be easily transferred at any time without leaving any waste as a single (or a few) points; so you're using an ability that you don't like? change to to something else! You are specializing in doing alot of single high damage abilities, but you need to fight a big group of baddies right now? Pause the game, switch all your abilities to aoe abilities and VOILA! You're all ready. Don't like that combination generally tho? Change it a billion times to your hearts content.
Just for that, BRAVO MUA2

No more personal hero items
- they have a medal system, where atleast at low levels, that you pick up powerups that will affect the whole team, and you can slot it at any time 3 medals/boosts
- you can't sell them purposely or accidently
- they're organized too depending on what they do; and a nice 'New' category too, to find the one you just picked up

- you unlock them once you kill (i believe per the pop up) 250 creatures after you select to be Pro/Anti Registration
- it seems like there is only 1 extra costume.. at the meantime..
- and unfortunately it doesn't seem like there are any bonuses to the costumes (but that can be a good thing as well)
- they look sick tho

Hero Selection
- possibly one of the best things too about the new MUA2; you can switch to your pool of heroes at any time during the game, costumes as well.
- there is no need to go to the save point to switch teams, just press start, and switch; its that easy
- the only drawback I see is that depending on your side Pro-/Anti; some characters will be unavailable to you (ie. Ironman if you pick the Anti-Registration side); but that might change as the game progresses

- so no longer fusion from actual use of special attacks on the same baddie.. its a separate ultimate attack of two heroes that you pick.. normally you gotta press A to increase the radius, damage or range..
- its interesting and graphically very nice, and doesn't constantly pop to make it overpowered- i kinda wish there was normal fusions as well.. oh well

- is filled with items: boxes, containers, tons and tons and tons
- you remember some costumes like Wolverine's allowed you do to more damage when throwing stuff at enemies? Now it makes sense, b/c there is TONS of stuff to throw. And sometimes it's re-usable as well b/c they're really durable

Objective Locator
- if you don't know where your objective is, press on the right stick and it points out to you where to go and what the objective is

Overall; MUA2 is a very well done game, so many things as per above have been greatly improved and polished. I did encounter 2 bugs which made it unplayable; but it was just a matter of doing it again (and only lost 5 minutes of my time at the most). I actually understand what is happening in the game.. though it might be because i've followed the civil war storyline in comics. Alot has changed, but its all for the better. It'll feel the same, but a good same and refreshing too. Obviously a game to be played with your friends, and unfortunately there is only so many times you can play this game (but there are endless combination of 4-man hero teams, so technically you can play it many many times).

Hope you like it as much as I did too =)


  1. How do U get Alternate costumes? is it part of a bonus mission or a storyline objective... I have beaten the game on easy, do I have to be in Normal to unlock costumes and I chose anti side cause I like Cap.. so Unno could you help me with more specific details Thanks :D

  2. if you bring up the Stats page from the Main page, select hero details, it shows you what side (pro/anti registration) the hero needs to be and then you gotta kill 50 enemies(meaning you gotta have picked the side before this 50 kill tracker works). You can be on any difficulty.

  3. What R the New People on there and how do u get them?