Borderland Screenies

Heh; i've been too busy to really enjoy and concentrate on the new DLC (Secret Armory of General Knoxx) b/c i'm taking these photos.

A new baddie; female assassins.

Its fun; its the same formula, its brighter (if you found the zombie mod too dark).

Its harder. I really have to concentrate against some of these baddies. There are those daddy-longleg creatures that are really tough and new Crimson Lance baddies who's shields/health regens exceptionally fast. And this is against baddies about 10+ lvls lower than me, I can't imagine how tough they must be at the same lvl.

The new boxes.. not revolutionary, but a nice change of pace.

Do you remember a similar type of mine in Warhammer in the water?

Umm.. this one isn't inactive like in Warhammer.. this lesson cost me 1.2 million dollars.. :(

The new type of chests rock!

So many goodies!

There are alot of billboards in this dlc.

You're wanted!

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