WAR Tome Unlocks

..and I expect some spam about unlocking phones from this :P

Anyways, I saw the entry by Bootae on some good Warhammer books he's read and recommends on reading.

I've personally read these two:

Vampire Wars by Steven Savile
- If you like vampires, you'd enjoy this book.. its approximatly 760 pages long.. as it is a trilogy novel
- it focuses on vampire hunters seeking revenge/justice while details the exploits of the vampires and their own infighting

The Vampire Genevieve by Jack Yeovil

- most vampires are evil... tho I guess the Twilight series has ruined that; lol, the heroine Genevieve is a good vampire
- it was a complicated story which I need to read a second time to understand, but it focuses on a human playwright and actor.. and not much fighting.. (so less interesting than i hoped)

When it was less busy at work, I read (and bought) nearly the whole series of Drizzt Do'Urden.. 13 or so of them!

Dark elves are evil, just like Warhammer. Except this one dark elf who fights his own circumstance and has his own life (and companions)above ground (b/c these dark elves can't bear the sunlight and live underground).

I'm currently reading.. and trying to finish


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