Zombie Alice

Busy busy busy days.. very little time to write anything and have the brainpower at home to write. Fable 3 is out tomorrow (or depending when you read this, today). Can't get that yet, spent alot of money on photography related items and going on a trip in January.
Fallout New Vegas is very fun. Deceptively big; alot of large instanced areas. I did get stuck at one point looking for a medical equipment for Caesar.... so i made a new guy.

What would my blog be without a link to
some cosplay? This time from BlizzCon.

Sneaky sneaky.

As a guy, one would naturally cringe at the thought of going to a baby shower, or an all girl birthday party and being the only guy. I've been pleasantly surprised with the great time i've had. Maybe because I was the main photographer, but they're not always man-killing events.

Alice in Wonderland theme if you're wondering.

Life is all about trade-offs. To get something, you need to sacrifice something else. By going to the all-girl party, I missed the Toronto Zombie Walk where people dress up as zombies and walk around the downtown core. This apparently took place in Australia as well.

Instead of photos of zombies, I got pictures of girls.. good trade off :D

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