Back into the fray

This is my second time of playing Guild Wars 1... in anticipation of Guild Wars 2, i decided to buy the original on Steam when I couldn't figure out how to log in with my original account.... and after some trial and error.. i found out i could have just used my old account! bah!

FYI: You need to enter your account name, password AND a character's full name. I've never seen a game that requires you to put a character's name in as well; I would enter my acct name and password and get an invalid password error and it would drive me up the wall. I always thought the secret question was if you forgot your password. Hope that helps people.Your account name needs to have "@ncsoft" as well at the end..

Anyways.. I bought the trilogy on Steam.. to accomplish a few things:
1. Get back into Guild Wars and prepare for Guild Wars 2
2. Get some achievements in the Hall of Monuments that will translate into rewards in GW2
3. Learn the backstory

After looking at what i need to get the rewards in GW2, i've lost interest in it as I don't believe ill be able to get many.. nor will want to play a Hunter class (always play that kind of class).. mostly b/c it will take alot of time, grinding required and probably will need help from a guild...

Some highlights include:

- I like the concept of dual professions; how you combine the traits, abilites and skills of two classes and become a hybrid

- graphics for the trilogy isss.. old graphics.. i can't wait for GW2.. the trailers look fantastic of the graphics- as the game progresses, movement becomes more fluid and there are better tutorials

- I have a feeling being connected to Steam increases my ping... so unless I can't get it otherwise, ill continue to buy the physical game instead of playing it on a cloud

- one good thing about the dl from Steam is i got some bonus items (in Nightfall atleast), by just /bonus, it'll generate items.. not bad makes me much more powerful in the beginning

- i haven't found uses/how to for crafting yet (ill have to read up on that... links please), and whether it's worth it

- the expansions (?) Factions and Nightfall both have their own cultural themes; Factions being an asian/japanese theme, while Nightfall is a more Egyptian theme

- Nightfall (atleast at the beginning) emphasizes working in groups.. and has the ability to have a party full of npcs; i like that alot

So there are good points .. and bad; the bad mostly due to the age of the game. I'm excited for GW2 and the things i've read and seen. I don't think i'll get Eye of the North unless people (comments please! lol)think its critical or vastly different that the previous campaigns.


  1. crafting pretty much doesn't exist. the craftign materials you get/salvage are for makign armour, which you do at armour npcs. you give them the materials and cash and they make you better armour. slap some runes and insignia on that armour and you're set.

    I put up The Easy 30 as a guide to get easy poitns for the HoM but honestly its designed for people who have played a bit more.

  2. You craft for yourself. There are certain weapons (and all armor) that you can only acquire by crafting, so you collect the materials and money and just craft it at a trader. Anything you can craft, others can too with the same effort so you can't really make money from it.

    If you're not afraid of PUGging, GWEN offers a nice backstory for all the new races and a handful of dungeons. Also, you can only transfer your "points" to GW2 there.

  3. thanks both! I'll have to do more reading :)