It's your call

Lack of posts last week due to some good work related happenings; basically chosen for a product development group that is actually rolling out next week. It was very thinking-intensive, so i'd come home mentally exhausted; it was great though.

Been basically playing the new Borderlands DLC (great to play again, but I have too many alts and all above lvl 50). One of the biggest problems in the new dlc is that there is no rocket ammo at the vending machines!! WTF is that?

I'd insert a picture, but the game is proving me wrong with my lvl 61 that it's probably just a level requirement... bah! You won this round Gearbox!

Haven't played Civilization 5 for quite a while.. don't get me wrong, its a fantastic game; its just its too addictive. You'll be stuck there staring at the screen for hours on end instead of getting anything productive done!! Its VERY hard to just jump on and play for an hour. VERY hard.

Very excited still for Guild Wars 2; i'd post some links, but running out of time; check out Hunter's Insight on the latest and greatest.

It wasn't too bad a monday.

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