On Pets: After Rift

I realize i'm not really a fan of collecting in-game pets. Atleast the way that Trion implemented them in Rift, it wasn't too big a draw for me as some bloggers I read about. Besides getting an achievement eventually, you can only display one pet at a time. They don't provide any boosts, barely look cool and because of this, I normally forget about summoning them when I play.
Even worse was that death rift glow item from the first Live Event. It looked very cool, but you'd forget to use it often. After I purchased it for all my characters, I couldn't have used it more than 5 times. Not to mention most people bought that item too, so it wasn't that special.

Warhammer Online also didn't do a very good job in regards to companion pets.. only giving them as rewards for getting people to signup for the game. Their equivalent to companion pets (I imagine) was the trinkets which could be displayed on the character. Great idea, rather unique b/c it was hard to acquire these trinkets, BUT barely visible on the character. Only if you were doing nothing (ie. waiting in keeps during defence locks) would you be inspecting other players, and even then, you're not doing it straight on the screen; you're doing this via their paperdoll.

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