Pew-Pew Indeed

With a serious gaping hole which is the lack of mmo gaming these days, i've been catching up on some Fallout: New Vegas.

I found out how easy it was to finish the 'evil' Caesar's Legion questline (follow the quest indicator: duh). I was stuck at the part in which I needed to get part of the equipment of an Auto-doc from a vault.

I'm currently exploring the wastes of the Mojave wasteland with an avenged Rose of Sharon Cassidy (more damage) and an upgraded ED-E after being tinkered with by the Followers of the Apocalypse.

My character, Vera, is a silent melee brawler currently leveling her lockpicking so she can get access to safes and rooms hopefully brimming with treasures. Travellers of the Mojave must be of great importance (see: Quest related or a vendor)to avoid her terrible cruelty which normally happen at night via a Mr Sandman attack. Those that aren't fortunate to seccumb in their beds will only hear a small thud; a silenced 10mm, to the back of their head.

In this playthrough of Fallout: New Vegas, I intend on:
- purchasing every implant from the Medical Clinic
- finishing each companions side quest
- getting to max level for the Steam achievement
- try to explore every area that I haven't been to yet (not many more places at this point)

Note: The game was very nice to me when I was playing my evil campaign with Caesar's Legion, only crashing one time. With Vera the game has been consistently crashing on me every 1.5-2hours, so I quicksave with vigilance.

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