WAR's New Relic System

...or atleast an interesting way I can imagine it can be implemented:

3 different zones ; elf, orc and chaos
Each with 1 relic in a random keep

Equipping a relic at a keep will give it indestructible warmachines for the defenders. Or some other bonus. Possibly only for a short time to discourage turtling and encourage constant movement of the relic; possibly giving a bonus of renown for moving it.

When a keep with a relic falls into the hands of the attackers; one person is assigned by the person/leader that plants the banner on the keep on who can carry the relic (only 1 person).
That person cannot use a mount and is unable to move the relic out of the rvr zone. They do have the ability to move the relic to a different racial zone, but only once a day (or within reason).

They cannot stay in a warcamp for longer than 10 minutes, or it will:
- spawn randomly in the rvr area
- spawn in an enemy keep in a different zone

When all three relics are in control of one side, they are able to bring it to the capital enemy fortress, where by combining/bringing them together weakens the capital city defences. This can take X days to weaken the ward to the city, allowing the defenders of the capital city to try to take back the relics.

At this point the relics are immovable at the enemy fortress (captured that is), and vulnerable by the enemy. There should be a postern door to the capital city which should give an opportunity for the capital city defenders to get the relics, strengthen the ward to their city and once the ward is strengthened, the rvr zones reset.

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