A day in the life of an Imperial Agent

I was just thinking about last night's game session in SW:TOR with my Imperial Agent and made the connection between the game and real life in whether they got the idea of an elite terror cell that trains in a desert from Afghanistan.

Convenient that in Tatooine there is a terrorist cell who is assisted by the locals to repel the occupying 'invaders.'


And I hate the sand people.. just because. Giving me a quest to reward shedding their blood is just icing on the cake.


Modding gear becomes quite involved when a significant part of both you and your companion's gear is moddable. I guess like any mmo, you strongest/highest lvl character will have weaker gear at the same level as newer characters b/c they have to go through the growing pains of leveling their crafting skill. Once that skill is leveled, the gear can be given and used by alts that reach the appropriate requirement right away, instead of possibly 1-3 levels too late.

That being said, Kaliyo really needs better gear.. her armor seems paper-thin and we always need to rest, even when fighting groups of weak creatures.


I got camped by my first lvl 50 last night while questing in Tatooine. I realize its my own fault picking a pvp server and that its inevitable that ill get ganked.. so I wasn't upset when it happened. I was subsequently corpse camped.. and my intelligence doubted when he tried to stay outside of sight, waiting for me to respawn. I did eventually respawn to finish my quest and knew he'd be hot on my tails so I ran into an exhaustion zone to deprive him of a satisfying kill.

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