Friday Night Magic: Fail

Prepare decks for 5 player Free-for-All format... and result in only 3 player FFA: Fail
Big Threat
Play decks without removals/weak removals: Fail

This guy won two games for my opponent
Play too aggressively... as usual: Fail

Can't seem to type correctly ...: Fail

I dunno about you, but I find the Spirit tribe in the Innistrad block is incredibly weak.. especially compared to Vampires and Werewolves.

Blue Black Skab-zombies didn't work as well as I liked... also I have to read cards more and just don't insert them because they're rare.

My other opponent had this card.
I did cause a double forfeit with my Kraken deck... had 2.5 times as many land cards as my two opponents.. still not 'that' satisfying though.
And this one.. when I played U/W Spirit deck... riiiight
I'm not too disappointed though; I didn't have the right decks for what I planned for.

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