Wakfu: Crafting Analysis

I imagine when Wakfu officially releases at the end of the month that we'll find out how viable crafting will be. I've found that the beginner areas to be sparsely populated and the resources in the area to be plentiful. One thing that i've had to figure out on my own, thanks to Wiki's (and no thanks to the weak official site), is what gathering skills are 'mostly' required for the crafting skills. Below is my initial analysis with the caveat that this is only beta and there MUST be many more hidden and unreleased recipes for it looks like there are less than 20 craftable items per skill.

Handyman - furnishing, furniture and workshops
Primary Gathering skills: Lumberjacking, Mining, Farming
Secondary: Herbalism, Trapper

Long Distance Weaponry - bows and wands
Primary Gathering Skills: Lumberjacking, Trapper, Mining
Secondary: Farming

Close Combat Weaponry - swords and daggers
Primary Gathering Skills: Mining and Lumberjacking
Secondary: Trapper, drops (from monsters)

AOE Weaponry - Axes, Staves
Primary Gathering Skills: Mining, Lumberjacking
Secondary: Trapper

Leatherworking - Boots, belts and bags
Primary Gathering Skills: Trapper, Herbalism
Secondary: Lumberjacking, Mining, Farming

Tailor - hats, cloaks
Primary Gathering Skills: Trapper, Herbalism
Secondary: Farming
Now you see them (trees, creatures)

Chef - create foods that give passive buffs
Primary: Farming, Trapper, Fishing

Baker - create foods that heal quickly out of combat
Primary: Farming, Trapper

Jeweler - Rings and amulets
Primary: mining
Secondary: Trapper, Lumberjacking, Herbalism

Now you don't!
Armorer - chest, shoulders, shields
Primary: Mining, Farming, Herbalism
Secondary: Lumberjacking

So a quick look at this, the top gathering skills (in no particular order)are:

And the least used gathering skill is:

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