Borderlands: Headshot

Just like Pete at Dragonchasers, i've been unusually quiet on the blog scene. I attribute it to a new work schedule and playing Borderlands 2 on a nightly basis after I get most of my RL obligations out of the way. 
Its either:

1. Spend 15-30 minutes writing an entry
2. Spend 3 minutes on an entry (possibly)not worth putting up.
3. Save that time and get some gaming in.

Normally I'd pick even option 2 if I had nothing better to talk about(and post something MTG-related or photography related), but its been so incredibly busy at work that i'm extremely mentally exhausted.

Borderlands 2 once again is great, and very similar to the original. They took what was great and tweaked it.. I can't remember too many bad areas in the original game except for Moxxi's Underdome (which I didn't play much of; tho used the bank ALOT). It still provides a big challenge when soloing and is ten times better when you play with others.. unless they're being overly aggressive and dying alot. I'm disappointed that I don't have more time to play, my highest lvl characters is lvl 26/27 and while that is rather high, my friends who play on a daily basis are in their mid 30s and I wouldn't be able to provide enough support to join them.

I've been switching time between my two highest lvl characters: Commando and Assassin. I found as soon as the Commando had enough talents to get rockets for his turret, it was easy mode til lvl 25. Once I hit that lvl which means I'm in Lynchwood, it starts to become hard again. I'm also missing the assault rifles that shoots a small burst of bullets when zoomed in. Normally very accurate and thus doing alot of damage, i'm stuck with low ammo rocket guns or high ammo guns with huge recoil. Aren't assault rifles supposed to be good at a medium-long range?
Meet my little big friend.
The Assassin has been fun in Lynchwood as i've changed his specc from a very lethal melee class that was only used in a coop situation, to a sniper specc that never sees an enemey unless they're 30 feet away or more. Hitting the lvl 25 mark/Lynchwood area, i've been finding lvl 25 appropriate gear which means he's upgraded his ~300 damage sniper rifles and finding elemental snipers at 700 damage, and basic rifles topping 1k!

Gearbox came out with a new class this time around which has released early. Free to people that preordered the game, 800 microsoft points or 9.99$ for the other systems. Its a pet class with a skill tree that specializes in electric attacks. At 60s cooldown, even with mods and relics AND talents that can decrease the cooldown.. you're waiting anywhere between 20-30s with the best gear if you're lucky. I'd prefer to have my pet all the time, maybe weaker and the special skill buffs them up or something like that.

The first DLC is slated for this week; looking forward to that as i've purchased the Season's Pass for 30$ (X amt of MS points). The Seasons Pass allows you to download all 4 DLC packs, saving you 10$, or 25%. Looks to be a pirate theme, very interested in that but also hoping for another zombie dlc as well in the future.. What do you think we can expect in the future DLC? I am thinking probably a space station environment (the Hyperion moon base) or the moon that orbits Pandora.

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