More Borderlands 2 Randoms

My Grandfather has been pretty sick in the hospital these days and after spending time with him there, all I want to do is vegg on the sofa and play games. Kind of a depressed response, no? Natural? Maybe. I've been getting alot of Borderlands 2 in, so here are some randoms:

- I hate Buzzards; basically enemies in flying hover cars.. just like the Rakks in this game, the Buzzards' flight pattern is totally erratic.. actually anything that flies (includes the Hyperion surveyors) is very hard to take down manually
Guns guns guns. You want them, I have them.

- game getting too hard? Use those Golden Keys and you may be surprised at how powerful you become

- don't have Golden Keys? 1. Make a Shift Account on the Extras option on the Main Screen for Borderlands 2. Follow @GearboxSoftware on Twitter and enter the free codes. They are time sensitive but can be used by unlimited people, so give it to your friends!

- I want a bigger storage space or maybe a mailbox I can use to send to my alts; people would argue if you had such a system, its like having an unlimited bank space, but I disagree, its all about implementation: Make the mailbox system last only for 3 hours or so and if you don't get to them, the system sells it or puts it back in your inventory; possibly throwing out the cheaper/weaker gear automatically

- disliking the Eridium Blight area; its too sparse. My vehicle got destroyed by accident (damn RPG robot!) and it took forever to walk to the next vehicle station. The Highlands (major are before) was large, but it had 2 big areas to content, many pockets of things to do between each area and had many quick travel areas to other instances. The EB, doesn't seem to be that way; get a vehicle and don't lose it!

- Gearbox did a great job in making fun characters to play with; I keep trying my all my characters and have a blast with them (although I'm afraid my Commando is too weak right now). I was originally leveling my Mechromancer so she could play with my gf, but then I found it was really easy to solo (until you hit the Eridium Blight area.. whoops) and shot past my target of lvl 23. So I decided to play with my Gunzerker and he was incredibly powerful; always Gunzerking with dual fast shotguns, and throwing out 2 cluster grenades at a time.. things died FAST. When I got him to lvl 23, I switched to my Assassin to snipe as it is my preferred way to solo. Got him to lvl 31 which allowed him to get his highest tiered talent skill, switched him to a melee specc and used the gun/shield combo of Law&Order (melee attacks heal OMFG & roid damage). If that wasn't powerful enough, while in stealth, if he killed an enemy with melee, he would RE-stealth again to infinity (if you can do it before the timer runs out). Game Changer.

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