Now everyone knows, I love Borderlands.. but I'd like everyone to stop right now. I do not suggest buying the newest DLC of Captain Scarlet and her Pirate's Booty.

I've only had a short chance to play the DLC, but so far i'm highly disappointed. 

1. Everything is so far apart. I understand needing to space things and make it seem like a big open world, but this Oasis area is way too big and the fighting areas are so small. It feels like you spend 5 minutes fighting while travelling from one spot to another for 15. Do not like. I prefer places like the Bloodshot Stronghold which were huge and full of baddies.

2. The new hover boat vehicle, the sandskiff is over-rated; so you can hover and run over enemies easier... big whoop. I don't see what is so impressive about it. I actually just use the car from the first Borderlands when i'm travelling as the double turrets do accurate consistent high damage.

3. Weak story.. unlike Borderlands 2 which has a rather inclusive storyline, I can't really tell what the story about this DLC is about other than looking for treasure....

Anyways; will be spending more time with it in the next coming weeks; I've bought the season's pass already, so maybe I can find what makes this DLC worth it. Worst case scenario, this can be the 'free' game from the season's pass.

I had some time the other day *halo* and I actually beat XCom: Enemy Unknown. It was a big surprise to me, because the original XCom games were incredibly tough and I rarely survived my missions. Heck, I never beat the game or came even close. Granted I was on the easy setting, I can see how it can be an incredible challenge.

I found.. that the game is really short. **SPOILERS! TURN AWAY**
Its like: learn to capture aliens, capture an alien crystal pilot, assault an alien base and encounter a powerful telepath. Do a few more missions and get some alien technology; research it, build the appropriate building, use your telepath to assault the huge mothership and if your telepath guy lives, you win. Yes yes "you played it on easy mode, so obviously it was short"... but actually I rarely did priority missions, I ensured every single country (that didn't leave lol) has a satellite, that I built facilities on every square and researched EVERYTHING possible. I had a team of 14 troops all at the highest ranking (although I only used the same 7-8 characters over and over).

Its a GREAT game. If you are nostalgic with XCom.. this game will be even better b/c you can actually win (and aliens don't camp right outside your dropship). Go buy it!

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