Hidden Scrolls

Almost in every Open RvR area, there is usually one of these hidden scrolls lying VERY hidden on the ground, where when you find it you get a nice xp bonus, a pocket item and much more importantly, a tome unlock! :D

Once again blogspot you thwart my picture taking (i'm seriously thinking about changing to a different site now; b/c how could you see what the pics are of?). But below is a pic of a hidden scroll where the white circle is.

Found: Barak Varr (dwarf t2 zone) Coords: 31k, 35k
Behind the Dok Karaz keep as you see very close to a rock.

Reward: Pocket item Simpleton's Guide to Runes
I must have played the game from launch for a good 2 months and never really got a pocket item other than the Crock Pot from killing a bridge troll in Ostland which when activated makes it looks like you have explosive diarrhea! I'll show a pic of one of my other tome unlock addicted characters that has 2 pages of unlocked items (granted if you can see it)

What is different about this picture than the usual?
The user interface; I love how in WAR you can adjust it totally to the way you want it. I wanted to try something new for my DoK.
1. Move the map from the top right to the bottom (i'm still looking up there for my map tho)
2. I stacked all my action bars and moved them slightly to the right... (i dunno about how effective that will be..
3. I moved most graphical components to the bottom left area
4. My plant making add-on (which is fantastic by the way), is next to my chat screen and soul essence graphic. Find it at
Curse. I think it's called MGRemix.
5. My tome titan (i guess) "recall button" is above my soul essence bar
6. My chat screen is expanded farther so i can read more (See: ignore more people, lol)
7. You can't see it, but i moved the party portraits higher up, closer to mine own so they don't overlap on my chat window.

Fun times =)

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  1. nice find!
    i like your toons name is "jomu" lol

    ummm shouldn't you be trying to win the battle???? tisk tisk hehehe