Getting people to test

I guess first question/complaint in testing an upcoming patch on the test server is: I'm not paying for a game to test it.

With the other side, if no one tests it, there are gonna be a helluva amt of bugs in the game blah blah.

But beyond that, lets talk about incentive besides the fuzzy feeling you get from helping make the game you love better, or that you experience things before everyone else.

I've personally never gone on the public test server.. ..its a combination of: couldn't find out how to do it and i'm lazy. lol.

And b/c i haven't done it, this may already be in effect, but here goes:

Incentive to testing: You get a chance/choice of keeping an item, experience, renown from testing depending on contribution (b/c a person that just signs in and out every day would then exploit it). Possibly getting access to different trinkets, titles, pocket items (Woo! pocket items!). Nothing 'too' big.. like special mounts or a purpley weapon.. but still something nice that will go to the character of your choice in your original server.

Just my two cents :)

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  1. They've done this a couple times. A limited amount of Griffon mounts were given out, and the Shroud of Imrathepis as well. I think the recent incentive was an early shot at the Nordenwatch LE... Not that I'm a huge fan of it.