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Taken from Bootae to get the word out ;)
Instead of whining about it on forums, I think this was actually very creative, organized and hopefully will get the word out. Nothing is worse than having a significantly weak (and broken) character class. When you spend so much time playing them.. its heartbreaking to see them fail.

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I personally loved the magus; my kind of class. With a healer, it was easy pve grinding with the dots and aoe dots (not to mention lots of knockbacks, snares, and knockdowns).. pvp, you would do massive damage and cause lots of confusion aoe dotting the area. With reduced range than the sorc, it was harder, but that just means you needed to be sneakier. I usually forgot to use my pet... tho shooting through the floor was always funny (b/c the engineer's turret did the same and was annoying).

I didn't like how the pet knockdown ability never procc'd, even with baddies right next to it.. and i didn't play when they reduced aoe.. which is basically the class.. and being taller than most is a problem in fights b/c people can target you better.
I really wished WAR was more successful; really i do. And still ~15$ times 300k.. is still gobs of money.. but with all the hype, one expected more. And I always thought Mythic did a good job at player feedback.. but with a vid like this.. apparently not too much.

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