Rvr Idea - Outposts

Its finally here! My vacation... so happy ;)
Anyways; even though my acct was cancelled on the 24th, I'm still interested what people have to say about the game; i'm bound to start again if my friends play again, or maybe if they introduce a new race/faction.. (b/c i only left b/c I like playing with a big group of people - hence the 360 purchase)

So I was thinking the other day at work..
what would make the experience in WAR better.. ;)

In the orvr area, there are say.. 2-4 mini forts, maybe outposts, like bfos but with actual walls and a door (maybe all breakable and repairable, but not upgradeable). These are the same size, if not actually smaller than the bfos; I was actually thinking just removed the whole bfo thing, and have no postern, with only slits for the defenders to poke their heads out. No guard npcs.
Small groups would be able to capture them, and hold them will grant the usual guild xp (maybe something extra like actual renown to all guild members or something like that)
If no one is defending it, then it is uncapturable, but each hour that no one occupies the base for atleast X amt of minutes of the hour, no xp/bonus is granted
If the guild that captures the outpost doesn't visit the outpost for X amt of time (12/24hours); it will turn neutral, and allow any side to capture it (or maybe become unflagged, so any allied guild can recapture it)

This will prevent the pve feel of running around and capping unmanned bfos and keeps to get the minor renown and xp.
Obviously the xp gained from defending the outpost should be better than having a keep (as someone needs to be there to take it)
Non-guilded defenders should get renown depending on their contribution.
There should not be any bonus for getting outposts (renown, exp) otherwise it'll be the same with bfos and keeps (as well as gold/green bags)
The only bonus should be by occupying the outpost and defending it from being capped

How do you keep the people in the area, in the current state of the game?
Have spawn kill collector quests and mobs around the outpost that will generate possible medallions, renown, xp, gear, trinkets, trophies, or maybe at random(for completion).
B/c you know there are the boring, scout quests, or kill x amt of the enemy or interact with that item quest in the orvr area, but if they spawn monsters (maybe champions, or atleast at max lvl of the area) and not like prior live events where there is low spawn rate or one big guy that only a huge group can tackle.. it would have more people in the area. Nothing is worse doing those orvr quests where you hit the wall of not finding any people to fight against **cough T3 cough cough**..
And to prevent grinding/exploiting the mobs, no drops for non-owner-side enemies, and the drops for the same side is unique to the fort and cannot be exchanged with others (or maybe it can)

My only concern, is how do you prevent zergs from overwhelming an outpost that has people in it? (b/c once again, if undefended you can't take it/impregnable/spawns lvl 50 guards lol) I don't think one should be able to stop a zerg on an outpost(even if supremely organized).. maybe slow them down slightly, but outposts is for small orvr, while keeps is meant for the big battles.

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