Time well wasted

I mean.. spent..

My 360 is back and working.. but with the gf instead tonight..

Sorry about the poor quality.. i looooooove blogspot.. you piece of crap..
For those lucky enough to be with someone not like Stu's (Ed Helm) wife like from The Hangover..

I do hope we're spending time with them instead of playing our games.. yes yes.. its important.. everyone else is lvling ("I can't keep up!").. i'm the healer, they need me! ...we're gonna take Altdorf for the first freaking time in ages and get phat loot.. purplies.. set.. legendary? But games can wait.. people can't. (Who is gonna touch your naughty bits?)

Granted if they take up every single second without any alone time, that IS suffocating.. the trick is to find someone that enjoys gaming as well, so they understand (not only tolerate b/c that can degenerate to intolerance)that you want to play, maybe join you.. or atleast give you the time/space to do so without guilt or faction loss. lol

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