Borderlands DLC

With some MS points that I got from my birthday, I finally used some the other day and purchased the dlc for Borderlands: the Zombie Island of Dr. Ned. If you're a zombie lover, then this is a great download(800 points; and a nice 1.1gig download).

I believe you can go to this area as soon as you hit lvl 10. I finished it within... 5ish hours.. a bit shorter than I expected, but very fun... something things to mention:
- 3 legendary weapon drops in that time frame.. whereas only 1 legendary drop in 15+ (easily) hours in the normal game

- zombies come in many varieties, some spit at you causing you to lose vision and slow down, some crawl on the ground if you melee them or critically hurt them

- there are alot of zombies! its a different way to play as you're used to baddies shooting at you and taking cover; zombies just try to overwhelm you

- there seems to be a bug for one of the quests in the dlc, you get an easy quest to fix a special vending machine, but when you go back to the game later on, it's in-operable..

- its a dark game.. as expected with zombies, but it feels vastly different than Borderlands which does have it's over day-night cycle

- still everwhere is a ghost town- this town only has the claptrap and thats it.. your only other friend is the automated turrets..

Things i'd like to see in Borderlands 2:
- released not between 2 major launches (ODST and Modern Warfare 2); I didn't really hear and breaking stories (atleast on Kotaku) about rocking numbers.. but this game could have sold more if it came out possibly before ODST

- more interactable townspeople; its sooooo lonely in towns.. who cares if it's meant to be played with other players? I want npcs as well that are not just stuck to the ground.. ones that will shoot back at me if i shoot at them!
- weapon attachments; you can equip elemental modifiers to your special ability but not weapons?

- custom characters? b/c it all seems that the skills/talents are the same with different names, bring in the use of classes and then customize that way
- mini map (how could i forget this?) duh
- (small atleast) item cache in town
- the ability to see the quest item reward instead of just an icon
- a smarter drop system that will see from your proficiency what you use and drop the appropriate weapons (Gearbox did a good job in regards to ammo and health drops, but doesn't seem to translate over on weapons)

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