Going Ons

Modern Warfare
Currently: driving me nuts with that previous loadout of speccs which focuses on the tactical knife.
Can't figure out: whether i want to run faster, or be stealthy, as neither option works as well as the first couple matches..

Thus: using the light machine guns with Scavenger/Claymores in capture the flag, but people get wise :P
almost swore off the game in frustration; rage quit!


Dragon age
I intend on fnishing it tonight..
I've united the country, beheaded Logain (sorry spoiler), and on to fighting the Blight and the ArchDemon

Still: no pics as i deleted them, set the auto screenshot to off, and still don't know how to manually take screenshots (screenshot hotkey is f12....) so weird


Going to use some Microsoft Points for my 360 for:
Borderlands: Dr Ned's Island downloadable content (loving it again)
Castle Crashers: evil character downloadable content (must make a tank!! every character is speed and magic)


Going to purchase: Left for Dead 2 soooonn..

Both Best buy and Futureshop have Buy 2 Get 1 free deals.. goo individuality!...:
I read Walmart is making games 10$ cheaper.. which resulted in Gamestop's stock to drop.. but maybe its only in the US.. as I didn't see any real price difference the other day..

Youse gets a logo as I like the service better :P


Is it Penny Arcade or Gu Comics that readers buy the artists xmas gifts? I dunno..
If you want to get me something, get me this ;)

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