The Story of WAR

Besides many things that could be fixed or added to make WAR more enjoyable.. would you want more scripted events?

Sure there is the quest text that one could read, but i'm quite sure most of us have it set to autofill and then we quickly accept the quest. Especially if there is more than one quest available at the npc, we usually just pick them all up quickly to save time instead of reading it. Unlike (thankfully) WoW, we don't necessarily need to read the quest text to figure out what to do for the quest as whammer has a great quest tracker and both the mini map and area map is nicely outlined with red to let you know where to go. What makes it significantly better than other mmo's i've played is that clicking on the area will bring up the quest text and still allow your character to maneuvre without pausing them.

But i'm getting more onto a tangent.
Quests tell a story, one that sometime tend to forget as we are on a different quest of fame, wealth, glory and max level.
I always liked how in whammer in the dark elf area, in the first major outpost, there was the floating fortresses that was ferrying all sorts of troops underground. It included blackguards, corsairs, witch elves and even a hydra. As a scripted event, it was really cool to watch, too bad it wasn't just all marching, but maybe the hydra gets loose and the npcs needs to corale and get it back into line.

You see these scripted events happen more often in public quests; usually at certain points/when you complete stages, some scripted event happens and you see the story change. I would want to see this happen more in other parts of the game. It doesn't need to do anything, but something more interesting than patrolling npcs, or npcs that are killed by a mortar blast.

I always loved the welcome/login screen in Heroes of Might and Magic 5. In the most recent expansion of barbarians, a huge cyclops is attacking a human town and wave after wave of human soldiers attempt to subdue to the cyclops. And they get smished into a fine paste. ;) If you watch too long, you'll notice that its a loop, but thats only if you watch it for over a minute. The same thing with WoW and their login screen with WotLK, the bone dragon flies in and roars.. cool roar, but it doesn't do much.

I would love to see more scripted events in whammer; maybe ones you can't alter, one where you can sit back and watch how it unfolds.

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