Mini gift

A shirt I got from my friend Leslie for Xmas; very cool.

Found at

My friend Fefe is taking forever to send me any pics of her and her guild in WAR. She instead sent this cool pic. Took her forever to get the lightning going at the same time.

Her letter to Santa:

Dear Santa,

Here's what I want for Christmas...

Dark Promise Shoulders and Chest
Ten +24 Willpower Talismans
Healing Crit pocket items
7 tali slot Dagger from Lost Vale (wish big)
Beat N'Kari without failing 100 times
Win all SCs with my pug groups
Win all Royals and Warlord that drop
Receive ability to detaunt WHs for 10 mins =P
Beat the 3rd Vulture Lord boss w/two Zealots
Guild lvl increased to 40 w/free mounts for all
Flip to stage 2 on all Altdorf sieges
Receive a Royal for each tell to/from from Sovietunion
No timer on pies to throw at Ghorfist
Unlimited AP for me & Shams to heal Upsilon & Iceycold
Unlimited Mary J for ...you know who you are
Self-rez cooldown is now 5 sec
No girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/hubby aggro for all

and last wish...
For everyone on Iron Rock to have a great Christmas & Happy New Year!! :D

Thats mine.. and thats before any patches with bloom or graphic updates.. (don't even think i'm on full graphics mode!)

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