Burn it to the Ground

Something over time made me dislike Nickelback, but something about this song is sooo good.

Not the Canadian closing ceremonies, but great..

Added Looking For Group comics..

Was able to play more Borderlands and the Knoxx Armory DLC (more people are playing it)
- still can't tell how long the game is going to be
- fyi no fast travel and more emphasis on vehicle travel
- new vehicles including the Monster (that has a tri-spread homing missle) and Racer (faster car)
- about 5 hours worth of play of only finding 1 legendary weapon (tho did you receive a legendary weapon in the beginning of Borderlands? no)

- Badass Shock Tropper is NASTY hard
- figured out a cheaper way to kill crawlers is to have one person agro it in a vehicle, and another shoot it with the homing missles

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