The Final Fantasy ..and never again

Annnnnnnnnnnndddd thats the last I play Final Fantasy XIII.

5 out of 35 achievements
75 points earned..

I never like to hear my favorite game trashed, hence the insertion of good points of the game.. just not a traditional FF game-fan I supposeFor lovers of the FF series, I guess you may still love it for the IP.. but as i've read and talked to some hardcore fans, the IP isn't everything.

Sometimes the game is extremely hard (see: eidlon/summoned monster fights).. and others, one wonders why they even put the trash monsters there.Maybe its because i've never played a true FF game and Tactics 2 is vastly different, or maybe like i've read, its a vastly different game. Either way I don't like the game.

It hurts so much to play...

It seems too long with too little substance; its alot of walking on a fixed path. Alot of storyline but by being forced to play each character, you don't really feel attached to anyone.

The tutorials suck for first-timers. Something about a Gestalt-gauge, TP, l'Cie, Fal'Cie

...makes my mind spin.
- atleast there is a tome of knowledge that constantly updates.....

I dislike the 1-weapon, 1-accessory design and wish it was much more robust instead of a crafting system where you can upgrade the weapon/accessory via the items you pick up through chests/monster loot.
- granted there are not too many rpg systems that upgrade gear this way; ususally its via replacement

Send me to the salt mines, just don't make me play anymore... i'll be good. Promise.

I don't like some of the characters(ie. Hope).. maybe its the japanese design.. but he's just so wimpy.
-but I love other characters like Lightning, gorgeous, smart, bold and fearless

I still love the graphics, they're fantastic and whimsical. I can't think of a game with better graphics, better than Uncharted 2 or.. Battlefield 2.

Even Tycho doesn't like it :P


  1. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/zero-punctuation/1569-Final-Fantasy-XIII

  2. @Rienuaa - lol. watched that too, tho i usually have a hard time keeping up with Yahtzee ;)