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Another [insert adjective] work week has passed by.. time for the weekend!

I love PlayStation's commercials, always creative and very funny.


The new Left For Dead 2 DLC is available for download.
Called: The Passing
Costs: 560 Microsoft Points (unconfirmed)
Saw my brother playing it yesterday.. was busy making potatoe salad for a department pot luck, so I couldn't really pay attention. Next time he plays, I'll try to see if i can setup my camera to take some in-game shots.


Finally after reading
articles found on various blogs, you'll notice EQ2 offering a different payment option: 5$ for 3 consecutive days of gaming.
At first you'll think: yuck, for 10 more dollars I can play as much as I like.
But after some thought, its great for all the reasons explained on the website, mostly focused for casuals.

A picture I took of some gargoyles on a church, once again Downtown Toronto

But lets get away from that (pros/cons) and lets talk about starting something else.
Different ideas in regards to payment options:

Weekend Warrior Deal -

Starting on Friday at 12 noon
-unlimited play and access to accounts
- no Tier restrictions
Ends Sunday Midnight - cx can dictate whether they want to operate on Easter/Pacific/European time, to coincide with playing with friends easier

This not only applies to EQ2, but to most mmos in general. Great for those who don't have the time throughout the week to play, and usually find time to play on weekends. It's a cheaper alternative and provides more playtime than just 3 out of 30 days. It'll be good for students who may can't control themselves throughout the week and hurt the wallet less as well.

Possible idea for Warhammer Online
5$ for access up to T2 - unlimited days
7.50$ for access up to T3 - same

I guess a person could do the endless trial to lvl 11, upgrade for 5$ to max out in T2, then pay a bit more for $7.50, and at that point one would really know whether they liked the game or not, and could upgrade to a full account or just the Weekend Warrior deal.

I'm still on the Endless Trial, its only been 2 days of coming back. I like the changes that i've read about and experienced and would like to join my friend Ryelyn on Ironrock again. 15$ a month though doesn't seem to be worthwhile though as I find so little time these days when I have to maintain 2 blogs, take photos, edit them and everything else.

With these different pay plans, i'd totally utilize it. People get to save money, play the game as much as they like and in the way they want to. Mythic gets money.. everyone seems to win.

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  1. it's not like you have alot of weekend time to play though....you should be entertaining a certain someone while she purposely takes her time to come see youz:P