Not number 1 in life

There are alot of upset people thanks to the WAR billing issue/fiasco.
And I totally understand how that can be a huge inconvenience and that they're super upset about it and (I imagine) threatening that this broke the camel's back and are closing their accounts.
I used to play (the horrible) Shadowbane and when I cancelled my account, Ubisoft still continued to charge my account.. and I've had a love-hate relationship ever since (love the games like HoMM series, but hate and remember what happened with Shadowbane).

I don't know how people will handle this issue with Mythic.. maybe this is the end?
They did announce new expansion content.. but if you have no/very low player-base, will they continue it?

I always feel like our society is becoming one of entitled children or like they used-to describe it in China, Little Buddha's/Emperors. We feel entitled to anything and everything in life, and if we don't get it, we whine, cry, threaten and shout: sue sue sue! until we get our way. And to make matters worse, to retain their customers, these companies usually bend over backwards (remember the Left for Dead 2 boycotters). This just reinforces the way of thinking that if I QQ enough, ill get my way.

Once again, I understand and been through the same hardships when there has been a major billing error and know this won't be the last one **knock on wood**, but I feel there is alot of EXTRA QQing and the need to be compensated at a high degree. Yes, fix it. Yes acknowledge it was a major error and appologize profusely. Yes do something to show that you appreciate your fanbase and their patience. But stop asking for more than is necessary. It's like nails on a blackboard (just thinking about it makes me cringe).

Just like server patches that require unforeseen downtime, or a delayed shipment of a game **cough cough Nintendo Wiis cough**.. we are crying bloody murder and demand satisfaction! Gaming for me provides the most effective form of stress relief with blogging\exercise a distant second, but it should never be the sole form of relief. And yes: you are paying monthly for a service, so it should always be available... BUT only to a certain extent; we have to be aware that there will be unforseen system issues that causes downtimes. There is far too much emphasis on games on what one's life revolves around. I generally find time to play every day (as a stress relief), but sometimes time doesn't permit or something just craps out, and I end up doing something else such as blogging, or exercising, reading, photography, etc etc.

There is so much more to life than gaming.

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