Speak louder, Argument weak

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Another case of possibly not following through on which was originally a good idea, that poorly presented and implemented is just seen in the negative light. In short, problems will be represented by a group of 'vocal' players in STO and the chosen seemed to favor certain groups.
Usually I've found the vocal are the minority..
The fan boys, the ones that are never satisfied..
That it is their entitlement, their god-given right to have what they want, when they want (reminds me of work)… which is always now.

And now, you're given the baby the bottle

Not the smartest thing in my mind.

From a business perspective though, is it a good idea?
Alienate one of two groups, b/c one can rarely appease both.Appease the casuals which is a far greater player base, but includes the fickle and tourists who easily find faults and compares easily to their favorites.
Appease the hardcore which are a small but relatively loyal group; problem is, they're extremely loud and generally feel to be entitled .. they do have the clout and fanaticism to bring in their friends and guilds who will be a steady stream of income, but when they lose interest, they will probably bring that same group away with them.

//Claps for Cryptic//

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