No i'm not talking about Real Id

Everyone is writing and reading about it, so I won't bore you and go into detail.
Only that.. its a good idea.. but the way it sounds like it's being implemented doesn't sound correct and should be implemented differently. You can't stop the signal (a la Firefly) just like you can't stop people from trolling.

I've read only half-heartedly into why Blizzard is doing this and am not too interested right now, but if we're talking about how to stop trolling my solution would be:
- you'd register you product id and acct id to create a forum acct
- it would show your highest lvl character
- the system would allow others to view all other characters that your account has
That last part seems a bit intrusive, but its not giving away your actual name.. and i don't even want to know how people are finding one's home address via a first/last name search.

I understand FB is really popular.. everyone and your mother is on it, which is amazing.
Social connectivity is important and probably would boost a product's sales.
But I think we need to leave our in-game relationships separate from our real life relationships; I may have friends that I play with every day, talk on vent, share laughs, and personal stuff about ourselves, but that is at our sole discretion and generally only at one time. To get that same information, one would have to ask the person to repeat it or ask someone else who may have remembered.

I found this Venn Diagram on
Gizmondo the other day on social networks and how they apply.. and RealId seems to foster those kinds of behaviors...

Last time I checked ADHD and Stalking aren't good things..

I want to give information about myself only at the time of my choosing and only that one time, unless that person is a good friend who has the ability to ask me at that time. Personal information should not be floating out there as there can be truly nightmarish things that can be done with it.

so much for not writing too much..

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