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I've never understood why my melee crazy cleric Capo would let our brain-dead hirelings attack them instead of himself...

but it's something i've learnt to fear for the future:

There was an npc on his knees in the city of Stormreach in DDO which when you interacted with him, he spun his sad tale of his damaged gear having fought some oozes. I naturally laughed at the pathetic npc.. frozen in time for eternity to say the same thing over and over.

I jumped into the dungeon that he was facing and naturally faced some oozes. As a drow rogue, they took a bit of effort to take down as I used crossbows as my weapon of choice instead of light melee weapons. My tank hireling would cut into them pretty well so I didn't have to worry much. The rest of the dungeon was a natural cake-walk.
Later on, I created my dps fighter which was a two-hand weapon god, who would crush hoardes of baddies with his giant maul +1 of lesser reptialian bane. I came across the same pitiful npc frozen in time and jumped into the same dungeon. There were significantly more oozes this time, or maybe it felt like more because I took a cleric hireling that polished her armor during fights and was basically only there to heal me. I encountered 2 large groups of oozes and during that second battle, the unthinkable happened: my trusty maul crumbled in my hands! In a state of panick, I tried to punch the oozes ineffectively. I had to find some gear I had intended on selling in my backpack, a slightly dusty +1 axe. It took alot more swings than what my character was used to, but eventually the slimes were reduced to ... smaller un-moving puddles of slimes.

I completed the quest, paid a pretty penny to repair my maul only to find it was now permanently damaged and less durable than before. Saddened at that fact and finding an increase of ooze presence in the dungeons I was in, I went to the broker (auction house), purchased a backup maul, and even kept in emergency reserve a +2 battleaxe and a masterwork towershield for when all else failed.

F3AR the Ooze!!!

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