Real Id Question..

//in a totally non-confrontational way//

For those that don't support it (i'm on the fence, and haven't thought about it enough).. I ask the question: Do you have facebook?

B/c its kinda the same.. social community.. where you can actually do more but shows your real name IN MOST CASES (I have to bold it b/c I do know people who don't have their real name or have it abbreviated).

And is there a difference?
- I think so, b/c you don't 'have to' use facebook, whereas you have to submit to the RealId features if you use the product.

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  1. I signed up for FB in a moment of insanity. I use it even less than I use twitter, for which I can actually conceive a use.

    But FB seems to me rather like waving my ass out the window for the neighbours to see -- not really my thing.

    Maybe I'm just too old.

    For the record, I was against the RealID thing for various reasons; if I had to do it again I wouldn't bother with an FB identity or I would have stuck to my damned guns and used my internet handle (and been banned, apparently, but that would be their problem). Furthermore, my FB posts are somewhat protected, for what *that* may be worth (probably nothing).